Telephone Consultation

During this initial meeting, we will determine what you want to accomplish and the scope of the engagement: Organizing, Decluttering, Downsizing, Paper Organization, Pre-Sale Home Preparation, Packing, Unpacking.   I will ask basic questions about your home and how your household uses the space to understand your needs.

In-Home Walkthrough

Clear The Clutter will assess the spaces in question, review the items that require organization and understand personal habits.  As a result,  we can create a list of goals for future sessions.


Clear The Clutter can help you prioritize and organize possessions in any space. As a result, we will create a personalized plan to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Home Organization

Clear the Clutter will consolidate, organize, and simplify the predetermined areas. Each session typically lasts 3-4 hours and the billing is by the hour.


If you are preparing to downsize or want to simplify your space, Clear the Clutter can help prioritize and minimize your possessions.  Most of all, we do this at a time in the client’s life before tough decisions hit at inopportune times.

Paper Organization and Reduction

If you have boxes of photos and drawers of papers that you want scanned and stored digitally, Clear the Clutter can make this happen. Further, we will teach you a system to easily maintain paper to a minimum.

Pre-Home Sale Preparation

Clear the Clutter can help you conquer clutter, maximize space and pre-stage a home before you plan to sell.   We will focus on Key Room staging, which are the first areas a buyer will see when walking into your home.  Research indicates that in the first 50 seconds, a buyer has already formed an opinion of your home and proper staging will impact those impressions. For a minimal investment, we can work together to show off the assets in your home, allowing a buyer to imagine themselves living there.  Listing photos of clean, uncluttered rooms attract buyers to step into your house.  In addition, a styled home will sell faster and for a greater dollar amount.

Packing Service

Clear the Clutter can assist in the time leading up, managing the actual move and following your move to ensure every detail is complete. We will help you purge the items you will not be taking, and inventory everything that’s will be moving.   In addition, we can manage items that will go to multiple locations and direct the movers accordingly.

Unpacking Service

After the move, take a break. Let the professionals relieve the stress of unpacking and settling in. As professional organizers Clear the Clutter will also help you determine optimal placement for all items. We take care of everything from setting up the kitchen to space planning, to unpacking and arranging your possessions.


We complete engagements in one of three ways:

  • Turn-key: Clear the Clutter completes all of the work
  • DIY projects: Clear the Clutter provides written instructions for the client to complete on their own
  • Blended Engagement: Clear the Clutter works hand-in-hand with the client

Contact Us today to find out how Clear The Clutter can assist you.

Clear the Clutter, Professional Organizing service in Mansfield, Ohio will provide a variety of services for their clients: Organizing, Decluttering, Downsizing, Paper Organization, Pre-Sale Home Preparation, Packing, Unpacking

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